This document describes the current stable version of py-amqp (5.0). For development docs, go here.


Convert between bytestreams and higher-level AMQP types.

2007-11-05 Barry Pederson <>

class amqp.serialization.GenericContent(frame_method=None, frame_args=None, **props)[source]

Abstract base class for AMQP content.

Subclasses should override the PROPERTIES attribute.

PROPERTIES = [('dummy', 's')]
inbound_header(buf, offset=0)[source]
amqp.serialization.decode_properties_basic(buf, offset)[source]

Decode basic properties.

amqp.serialization.dumps(format, values)[source]

Serialize AMQP arguments.


bit = b octet = o short = B long = l long long = L shortstr = s longstr = S byte array = x table = F array = A

amqp.serialization.loads(format, buf, offset)[source]

Deserialize amqp format.

bit = b octet = o short = B long = l long long = L float = f shortstr = s longstr = S table = F array = A timestamp = T