This document is for py-amqp's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get the stable docs here: 2.2.


Convert between frames and higher-level AMQP methods.

amqp.method_framing.frame_handler(connection, callback, unpack_from=<built-in function unpack_from>, content_methods=frozenset([(60, 50), (60, 71), (60, 60)]))[source]

Create closure that reads frames.

amqp.method_framing.frame_writer(connection, transport, pack=<built-in function pack>, pack_into=<built-in function pack_into>, range=<type 'xrange'>, len=<built-in function len>, bytes=<type 'str'>, str_to_bytes=<function str_to_bytes>)[source]

Create closure that writes frames.