This document describes the current stable version of py-amqp (2.2). For development docs, go here.


Transport implementation.

class amqp.transport.SSLTransport(host, connect_timeout=None, ssl=None, **kwargs)[source]

Transport that works over SSL.

class amqp.transport.TCPTransport(host, connect_timeout=None, read_timeout=None, write_timeout=None, socket_settings=None, raise_on_initial_eintr=True, **kwargs)[source]

Transport that deals directly with TCP socket.

amqp.transport.Transport(host, connect_timeout=None, ssl=False, **kwargs)[source]

Create transport.

Given a few parameters from the Connection constructor, select and create a subclass of _AbstractTransport.

amqp.transport.to_host_port(host, default=5672)[source]

Convert hostname:port string to host, port tuple.